Team News
Posted: 10:12AM Mar 5th in Sharlene McGilvray's Blog

At the beginning of 2012 I told Max that my goal was to get KZN colours in BMX and MTB - something no one has done before AND I did just that. Got BMX colours for the 6th time and MTB colours (on my Single Speed) for the first time.

My goals for 2013 - to complete the Dusi and win Gold at the Masters Worlds

Dusi 2013 - what a start to the year - it was THE MOST amazing thing I've EVER done and will be the first of many for me. I had to overcome my fear of water and I'm sooooooo stoked I did. Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think I'd get into a piece of resin on a river and OMG I'm sooooo hooked. I was priviledged to ...

Single Speed MTB World Champs
Posted: 8:42PM Oct 2nd in Sharlene McGilvray's Blog

 29 September – AT LAST the day of the Single Speed World Champs arrived and what a blast it was. I can honestly say that it was THE BEST cycling event I’ve EVER been to. The course was part of the Berg and Bush and LOTS of single track. If you’re serious about coming in the top 3 that’s cool, otherwise everyone’s there to have a blast and just RIDE. No time or place keeping so everyone after 3rd comes 4th – how cool is that!!!!!!!! Andy Birkett turned up to watch BUT then decided it looked like fun so grabbed a bubble wrapped Equella bike and rode the first lap with no shoes for laughs and giggl...

MTB and paddling - AWESOME weekend
Posted: 8:42PM Sep 13th in Sharlene McGilvray's Blog

 8 September – 9 riders set off from Camperdown to Inanda Dam on a training ride for the Triple Challenge on the 4th November. Nicola Schroeder is going to be our team runner, so she did the 10km training run. She’s a Comrades runner and  not used to trail running but kept up and ran really well. Our ride was amazing and tough in parts. The single track was amazing and we eventually gave up dodging mounds of cow poo – it was EVERYWHERE!!!!! Rode 45km – thanks all for the awesome morning. SUCH a stunning route Nic – gonna be an amazing event, so those of you who haven’t entered – DO SO!...

Martizburg Fever
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iNsingizi trail run
Posted: 7:33PM Sep 5th in Sharlene McGilvray's Blog

 2 September – Shelley and I did the 5km iNsingizi trail run – iNsingizi Game Lodge in Mid Illovo. WHAT a stunning venue and perfect weather. Evan (our amazing second), Lyle (coach) and Jarred (Shelley’s nephew) joined us. There were some MF hills, so I walked fast up those!!! I have good practise doing that when I get to a REALLY steep hill while riding my Single Speed MTB – so was nothing different – just the bike was missing – hee hee. Wanted to finish in 40 mins but managed 38.31 and got 1st women and 4th overall. I REALLY do not enjoy running but know I HAVE to do it for Dusi training so jus...