Team News
SA National #1 - Cascades, PMB
Posted: 1:04PM Mar 31st in Sam Bull's Blog
I always look forward to races in Pietermaritzburg. The tracks are generally a ton of fun and there is always a good vibe at the race.  This time we were racing the 1stround of the SA National Series. The track we were racing on used about 60% of the World Cup track.

The track is very physical and has lots of pedaling, so I made sure that I didn’t do too many practice runs. Luckily we had amazing weather the entire weekend and so track conditions were pe...
Duathlon African/ SA champs
Posted: 11:10AM Mar 21st in Jessica Alcock's Blog
Last year I won the Duathlon African champs and this year I was hoping to keep the title... I ended second but I was truly happy with my position, the competition was tough but it was a honest hard working race, and as I crossed the finish line I could truly say I gave it my all!

The day before A...
SA XCO cup #1 PMB
Posted: 9:26PM Mar 18th in Dylan Rebello's Blog
The week started out by travelling from Knysna, Stopping off in Graaf Reinet and finishing the journey in mountain bike paradise, Pietermaritzburg.

Practise started on Thursday, where the aim of the day was to master the technical sections of the track. Looking at new lines and testing duel single tracks to make my race as efficient as possible. The next day was then just a couple of laps to make sure everything was still in order.

Race day and the temperature coupled with very high humidity made for an energy draining race. Starting on the 3rd row of the start line, there was a lot of traffic ahead of me. The gun we...
Posted: 6:08PM Feb 18th in Jessica Alcock's Blog
A whole new experience for me as I am now part of KZN racing, It was like going to a new school not knowing what to expect, but to my surprize everyone was super friendly. The atmosphere was fun and enjoyable.

Due to not doing the first KZN provincial I was seeded last at the back of the bunch however the girls were so cool and made space for me closer to the front, what a nice gesture! we were briefed and set off.

The course was pretty much two big climbs which was rewarded with awesome down hills- all flowing single track. It was such a fun route although the heat and humidity was insane! i...
KZN XCO provincials #2
Posted: 10:26PM Feb 17th in Dylan Rebello's Blog
After being convinced by Jessica Alcock to drive down to PMB to do a provincial XCO race we were there.

We were greeted by lots of odd facial expressions asking why we were all the way down for one little race. Our answer was for experience. There is lots of steep competition all over the country and so we want to race them to improve our own racing. And what another big lesson we were about to learn.

The race day temperature wasn't the only thing against us...It was humid! Drinking fluid was the way of the day. My race was only 5 laps long but in those 5 laps I finished 5 bottles of GU's Roctane drink. Luc...