Team News
Sunday race 24 Feb
Posted: 6:44PM Feb 24th in Kewin Bond's Blog

I had a good day today, got second place in my race, BMX club points held at Queensbugh .Thanks to Team Jeep and thanks to Gu, Salomon, Powersol And JEEP !!...Starting to look forward to Nationals in Germiston next month.

BMX Inter Provincial Challenge
Posted: 4:57PM Feb 17th in Kewin Bond's Blog

After the race being rained out yesterday we got to race the BMX Inter Provincial Championship today !

I had a lot of fun on the track as this was the first race of the season and I have just recovered from a concussion.

It was great to catch up with the other riders, both local and from Gauteng etc.We saw some realy good racing today.

The racing took the format of 3x qualifying moto's and 3 x mains, my placings were 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, 2nd, 2nd. resulting in an overall second place for the day.

I was also a member of the KZN A team who won the event !!

Many thanks to Team Jeep and Jeep Apparel for ...

Time off for Concussion : Chilling
Posted: 4:27PM Feb 5th in Kewin Bond's Blog

So I went training at Giba Gorge with TJ my coach and on the 2nd straight lost my mojo on the triple and #BANG - game over - woke up on the track with TJ looking ova me checking 2 c if I was ok. Crazy days.

So now I got  a few days off school so I thought I would go up to Athlete House and check in and see what they are up too.

So glad I did, managed to pick up some new kit to race in next weekend. Smaak Team Jeep!

Until next time reach for th...

BMX Grand Nats - Germiston 8-9April
Posted: 10:02AM Apr 11th in Tyler Muller's Blog

On Saturday I woke up confident, strong and ready to race. The gate practise was good and everything was in place.

Racing on the 1st day was good, I managed to get two 2nds and a 3rd in qualifier motos and 3rd in final. In the final I unclipped, going into the 1st corner last, I fought my way through the pack of riders and managed to get a 3rd. On Sunday I felt good knowing the track a little better. In the qualifier motos I got two 2nds and a 1st. In the final i managed to get 2nd.

Overall Team Jeep took the 2nd place for the weekend and I managed to take home a bronze and silver.

Travelled back on Monday a...

Grand Nationals Leg 1 & 2 Germiston
Posted: 5:14PM Apr 9th in Alex Dolman's Blog

What a great weekend.  Friday afternoon my dad took me for gate starts.  I was very very nervous as there was so many riders there.

Saturday was the big day.  Team Jeep did there lap around the track, I felt so very proud to be riding with Team Jeep.

Racing started and after getting around the track in the first race my nerves were forgotton about.

I managed to get 4 wins on Saturday, and got a gold medal.

Sunday was another great day.  It was very windy though.  In my first race I had a very bad gate start and everybody passed me.  I pedalled extra hard and came first. ...